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Babylon Secondary Boarding School

The world has been globalized, and thereby the education of today as well needs to be international standard enhancing a practical, dynamic, skill-based and quality-oriented for the all-round development of the students. To quench the thirst of such inevitable educational qualities of today’s world, Babylon Secondary Boarding School has been established in 2067 in Itahari Sub-metropolitan City, Ward No – 5, Radha Marga nearby Army Camp. Now it is going to be strongly managed and run by a team of highly capable and academically qualified intellectual experts keeping the vision of making all round development of students and introduce the Babylon Secondary Boarding School as a unique and standard institution in the field of education.

Why Choose Us?

# To meet and exceed today's worldwide challenges applying global quality education

# To transform students into innovative leaders with educational excellence and strong ethical values.

# To make a destination of excellence in education by establishing and running world class institution with diverse programs of relevance and value to the society supported by the best infrastructures.

# To enhance all-round development of students

Babylon Secondary Boarding School Itahari!